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“Chakra Meditation is designed to bring you back to neutrality, to a place of balance. You might call this “Zero Point”, a place where you can begin again with a fresh, new mind.” – Ilchi Lee


Chakra Healing

A Chakra Healing Session is designed to work strictly with the chakra system.  The Chakras play an essential part in your overall well-being. While Chakras may all function individually, they also function as a network or system. They act as communication points between your physical and energetic constitutions. Communication between each Chakra is necessary for a fully functioning and healthy Chakra system. 


During your Chakra Healing Session, I will communicate with your chakra system and see how each one functions individually and how they function as a whole system. Each Chakra will be evaluated, calibrated, repaired, and brought back online; think of it as resetting the factory settings so the whole system has a chance to work more efficiently.
We may utilize tapping, holding, or massaging meridian points to release harmful energies, guided imagery to expand your view on a situation, or exploratory hypnosis to process unresolved material.  

I will use simple explanations, charts, and analogies so you can start to see how these things are formed. Along with descriptive information, you will have mental, emotional, and spiritual support/guidance and suggestions to assist you in making the necessary changes to promote overall well-being.

The nature of energy work is unpredictable. When we start to move things, other things may appear. Depending on your unique situation, one session may be all you need at this time to give you the relief you seek and help you feel better. In my experience, you may need several sessions to make the necessary changes and see substantial and sustainable progress. After all, you didn't get where you are overnight; it may have taken years or decades to create the imbalances you are dealing with now. Which doesn’t mean it will take as long to restore balance!  

Finding a practitioner you can trust and feel comfortable with is important. If you feel a connection to me, great; I’m here when you’re ready. If you don’t, I encourage you to keep looking! 

*Chakra Healing Sessions are offered over the phone only. This is an interactive session, which means we will be working together. For hands-on work, schedule a Reiki Session.

*It's common to go over the scheduled appointment time, so please set aside a little extra time in case we need it.

Initial Consultation
Session fee: $195.00
Session length - 
60 minutes 
Session fee: $165.00
Session length - 
60 minutes 

Frequently asked questions

What are chakras?

Chakras are funnel-shaped power centers that spiral deep into the body and connect at the central line. There are seven major chakras in the subtle energy field, starting at the base of the spine and continuing up to the top of the head. Each chakra produces, assimilates, records, and stores a specific category of information and then communicates that energy to the entire system via the central line.

Chakras can become overactive or underactive, spin clockwise or counterclockwise, twist together, or move out of alignment. Often, energy gets knotted up at the base of the chakra where it attaches to the central line. When this happens, it impedes energy flow between the centers, and communication breaks down. When specific energy is off, blocked, or not working correctly for an extended period, the organ, gland, or system related to the Chakra will start to show signs of dis-ease. 

While Chakras may all function individually, they also function as a network or system. Communication between each Chakra is necessary for a fully functioning and healthy Chakra system.

What's the difference between Chakra Therapy & Reiki Therapy?

Chakra therapy works strictly with the chakras to clear, tune, adjust, and stimulate communication between the individual chakras and the chakra system as a whole.

Although Reiki therapy does work with the chakras, it also addresses other energy systems and how all systems work and communicate together.  

Once my chakras are balanced, will they stay balanced?

Stress, worry, loss, chemicals, lack of boundaries, and life, in general, can affect the chakras and cause imbalances in the system. Like any system or machine, regular maintenance ensures that it will keep running smoothly.

How is a session conducted?

The day before your appointment, you will receive a text message reminder and a request for a close-up photo of you looking directly into the camera. (I don’t care if your hair or makeup is done; I just want to see into your eyes. It would be best to take a photo vs sending an old photo) 

Before your appointment, I will use this photo to connect with you, take a quick look at your chakra system, and jot down a few notes. 

I will call you at your designated appointment time, and we will go over what I discovered and how that may be showing up in your life. I will text you diagrams so you have a visual. 

We will review each chakra individually and then discuss how they communicate and why your system may not be working optimally. From there, I will use energy techniques to make corrections. I may ask you to visualize, verbalize how you feel, move your body in a certain way, or tap points on the body; we may use some exploratory hypnosis if we need a broader view.

This is an interactive session; we will be working together. I will communicate with you the entire time, and you can ask questions and give feedback.   

What if I want to meet you before I schedule?

I totally understand! I’m the same way, so I offer a free, no-obligation fifteen-minute phone meet-and-greet so you can hear a live voice, ask questions, or just get to know me a little. If you are interested in scheduling a meet-and-greet, text me at 480-950-9331, and we can set up a time to chat.   

Do you record the sessions?

In general, I do not recommend recording the session. When you show up for your appointment, you are present and focused in that moment. You will receive exactly what you need to know or hear for you at that time. If you need to expand on anything, those questions will naturally come to you in the following days.

If you go back on another day and listen, you are now coming from a place of analysis and may start to question what you originally understood when you were present in the moment, read into things, and confuse yourself.

There can also be a tendency to not be fully present during your appointment because you think you can go back and listen later. It’s like being at a concert and not being there because you are too worried about recording it for later, it’s not the same experience!

What if I have questions after my sessions?

It’s common to have questions in the days following your appointment. If you have a few simple questions relating to what we covered during your session, you can text or email me, and I will respond at no charge. If you have more than a few or want to cover topics not covered in your appointment, please schedule a follow-up session.

Call or Text: 480-750-9331

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