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Image by Markus Spiske

Chakra Balancing

“Chakra Meditation is designed to bring you back to neutrality, to a place of balance. You might call this “Zero Point”, a place where you can begin again with a fresh, new mind.” – Ilchi Lee

The Chakras play an essential part in your overall well-being. While Chakras may all function individually, they also function as a network or system. They act as communication points between your physical and energetic constitutions.​

Communication between each Chakra is necessary for a fully functioning and healthy Chakra system.

Your vital life force can flow freely when the system and parts work efficiently. This free flow allows you to be present, focused, motivated, and handle what comes your way.​

Stress, trauma, grief, limiting beliefs, childhood preoccupations, and relationship issues are just some of the things that can cause a chakra to become sluggish, congested, or damaged; even causing them to cut themselves off from the rest of the system, move out of alignment, become tangled with another chakra and even stop working altogether.​

Chakra Balancing focuses strictly on the Chakra system. Each Chakra will be calibrated using tuning forks, stones, essential oils, and Reiki; think of it as resetting the factory settings so the whole system works in a more supportive way.​

*While a Chakra tune-up can be done at any time, it is most effective if done as part of a series of Reiki Therapy sessions. It is generally recommended to do once a week for four weeks, doing the full Chakra balance around the third or fourth week. This allows time to make some corrections, repairs, and adjustments to the main flow of energy.  

What are chakras?

Chakras are funnel-shaped power centers that spiral deep into the body and connect at the central line. There are seven major chakras in the subtle energy field that start at the base of the spine and continue up to the top of the head.  Each chakra produces, assimilates, records, and stores a specific category of information and then communicates that energy to the entire system via the central line. that runs along the spine​

Chakras can become overactive or underactive, spin clockwise or counterclockwise, twist together, or move out of alignment. Often energy will get knotted up at the base of the chakra where it attaches to the central line. When this happens, it impedes energy flow between the centers, and communication breaks down. When specific energy is off, blocked, or not working correctly for an extended period, the organ, gland, or system related to the Chakra will start to show signs of dis-ease. 

While Chakras may all function individually, they also function as a network or system. Communication between each Chakra is necessary for a fully functioning and healthy Chakra system.

What's the difference between Chakra Therapy & Reiki Therapy?

Chakra therapy works strictly with the chakras to clear, tune, adjust, and stimulate communication between the individual chakras and the chakra system as a whole.

Although Reiki therapy does work with the chakras, it also addresses other energy systems and how all systems work and communicate together.  

Once my chakras are balanced will they stay balanced?

How often should I do a chakra tune-up?

Stress, worry, loss, chemicals, lack of boundaries, and life, in general, can affect the chakras and cause imbalances in the system. Like any system or machine, regular maintenance ensures that it will keep running smoothly.

Ideally, doing a chakra tune-up every 1-3 months will keep the system functioning well. More frequently if you are experiencing a stressful situation.

Why is it best to do Reiki therapy first?

Although chakra therapy can be done at any time and has a profound effect on the energy system, I have noticed over the years that we get more stability from the chakra system once we set a better energetic structural foundation, clean the system out, get the energetic detox system working more efficiently, and repair some of the central mechanisms.  

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