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Reiki Level I & II


Reiki Training

I am so happy that you are exploring your options with Reiki. It’s an amazing modality that has changed my life and the lives of so many of my students and clients.


Reiki is passed from teacher to student in a series of attunements and instructions. The attunements prepare the student to receive Reiki Energy, and the instruction passes knowledge from teacher to student. In exchange, the student is asked to work on themselves and commit to building a life-long relationship with Reiki. 

Whether you want to work on yourself, practice on others, use it on your clients, start a business, work with animals, or just want to be a healthier energy on the planet; Reiki can be the navigation system to support your goals.

Reiki has come a long way since it was first discovered in the early nineteen hundreds. Over time, everything must grow, shift, and expand without losing its core principles. This class weaves traditional teachings with practical ways to use Reiki in the growing times, along with personal development. It consists of Instruction, discussions, hands-on practice, and demonstrations geared toward personal growth and self-discovery. 

This is a 22-hour class spread over four days and covers levels I and II. A $150.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot and you must be paid in full two weeks before the start of class. Space is limited, so grab your spot as soon as possible!

Upon completion, you may join the Reiki Support group. It's open to all students and meets once a month for 90 minutes; the class fee is $45.00. It is offered in person, or over Skype. As well, you are welcome to audit future classes at no cost. 


I hope you can join me for this fun, interactive class and become a part of my Reiki family!

 *See class details below

Please let me know if you have any questions. The most efficient way to get a hold of me is to text.


Class Dates
I am currently in the process of converting the Reiki training class from in-person to online. If you are interested, please send me a text or email and I can add you to a list and contact you when it becomes available.
Class Fee: $650.00

*Class limit 6

Class Details

Class 1 


The first class will lay the foundation for your work with Reiki.

Beginning with the Reiki basics, you will be introduced to the founders, delve into the origin story, learn how it found its way to America, and how it has evolved over time.

The student is asked to learn about themselves and begin personal work. An introduction to the Reiki Precepts, the deeper meaning of Namaste, and a discussion on barriers will usher in a deeper understanding of how to work on yourself daily and what is getting in your way.

It’s essential for the student to learn how to send and receive energy, interpret what they are receiving, and be confident in releasing that energy. Through a guided process, you will explore and learn about your unique way of receiving, communicating with, and interpreting different information. You will practice on yourself and other students.

When you begin interacting with energies, you will gradually become more sensitive; some of you may already be sensitive and find it challenging to be around large or even small groups of people, go to public places, or differentiate between your energy and that of others. Discussions around boundaries, Karmic debit, grounding, imbalances, and disconnecting will be explored and practiced.

Once you understand how you work and how Reiki works, we will examine how to interact with that energy and ways to use Reiki.

We will end the class with an attunement to give you 25% Reiki flow.

Class 2


Now that you have had a week to practice sending and receiving energy, looking into your barriers, and flushing your energy system, we will dive into the different energies you will be communicating with, and how to discern what you are getting and where it is coming from.

Tools can sometimes help support your work, so we will discuss and practice using muscle testing, pendulums, and stones.

Through a guided process, you will meet and interact with your higher self and spirit guides.

You will be introduced to the traditional hand positions, and we will discuss how that has changed over time.

We will explore the four energetic bodies and how they should work together. You will practice looking into each of the bodies so you can see the different layers.

You will learn how to:

  • Connect to a person’s energy system.

  • Scan the body.

  • Clear spaces and objects.

  • How to perform distance healing.


The three Reiki symbols will be taught and practiced. You must demonstrate your ability to draw the symbols without reference material by the 4th class.

We will end the class with an attunement to give you 50% Reiki flow.

Class 3


By the third class, we will start exploring the many parts of the energy system.

We will cover:

  • The Aura

  • The energy generator

  • The masculine/feminine energies

  • Pineal and Pituitary balance

  • Spinal flush

  • The central line

  • Opening energetic detox pathways

  • Working with organs and organ rhythms


We will briefly touch on meridians.

A few volunteers will join us so you can have an opportunity to work hands-on in an environment where you can ask questions and receive guidance.  


We will end the class with an attunement to give you 75% Reiki flow.

Class 4


The last class will cover Chakras and how to work with them. You will practice on yourself, your classmates, and on volunteers.

You will need to demonstrate your ability to draw and pronounce the symbols and point out the main energy systems as well as demonstrate an ability to work with them.

By this part of your journey, you probably have questions; we will address those and go over anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

We will end the class with your final attunement to give you 100% Reiki flow.

You will receive your Reiki Lineage and certificate of completion.

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