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What people say about working with Laurie.


"Laurie was there for me in a time when my life was falling apart. She has a rare gift of being able to listen judgment-free and bring the real issues to the surface. She has a graceful way of presenting the truth in a non-confrontational way, so that you can recognize your own self-destructive tendencies and make REAL changes. She is friendly, personable, honest, and so easy to talk to. I highly recommend Laurie to anyone who is searching for answers and who wants to make positive changes in their life."


"I cannot tell everyone how much I enjoy my experience with Laurie at Reiki Rising. I have a new lease on my life and the world around me. Every session I learn more and more about myself and how to be a better person for myself and all those around me. Give this a try you won't be disappointed."


“Laurie was instrumental in helping me find my way back to me. Through talking, counseling, coaching and hands-on work where I felt energy so strong that it brought me to tears (in a good way), it is so worth it. This can be a journey or short term, it can be what you need it to be when you need it because Laurie greets you with open arms and understanding no matter where you are in life."


"Laurie is amazing. She has helped me calm my internal chaos. Each session leaves me relaxed and centered. Best experience ever!!!"


"Laurie is a wonderful reiki master. She has really taken the time to get to know me to understand what I needed. Her techniques are gentle and relaxing. I'm so glad I found her! Thanks Laurie!"


"I’ve had curiosity for YEARS! I had my first reiki session with Laurie a few months ago, clueless on what to expect, I figured I’d give it a few sessions … to articulate HOW it works, I simply cannot. Laurie is the most amazing Reiki master that I could imagine! Her ability to easily connect, simply explain, relate and work is a GIFT. Over the past few months my ability to peacefully process “life” is returning, my sleep has improved & the calm of my “core” is returning. I am forever grateful and will continue my reiki work with Laurie always. This is the most healing, insightful journey I’ve ever experienced & I'm excited to share it with everyone. Thank you Laurie!!"


"I moved here to Arizona about a year ago and was in search of a new Reiki master and I found Laurie and I’m so glad I did! I really enjoy going and having my Reiki sessions with her. She is very personable, and easy to talk to. Thank you, Laurie, for the sacrifices you’ve made to help me/others move through life. May many blessings be sent your way! I wish I could give you six stars lol"


"Laurie has absolutely changed my life! So professional and knowledgeable about Reiki with great insight into your past body and life experiences. My Reiki sessions have been eye-opening and amaze me each time with the profound deep dive into the areas of my body that need her special healing and attention."


"Laurie is such an amazing person with such an amazing gift and talent for Reiki. She has helped me understand myself better and guides me towards my highest self. I would recommend Reiki sessions with Laurie to everyone."


"I am so grateful to have discovered Laurie at a critical time in my life when I desperately needed her insights, guidance and expertise. Each session has been based on what is happening in my life at the time. Some sessions involve energy healing, some talking and teaching, and all of them were so interesting and beneficial that words do not do them justice. I feel such a strong connection with her and have absolute trust in her abilities. I would recommend Laurie to anyone looking for guidance, answers or a different perspective."


"Personally I think Laurie is an amazing person who understands what it's like to be human and the problems that come with it. She has an ability to get to the root of the matter while finding healthy solutions that work for you. She brings an energy that comforts you and makes it easy to talk to her. By far one of the most genuine people I've met in this field and would recommend her to anyone looking into these practices." 

Dr. Rich

"Laurie Bell is an amazing Reiki practitioner and healer. She has helped me live a healthier, happier life. I first asked Laurie to help me when I was experiencing abnormal heartbeats and a tightness in my chest. Immediately after the session, I felt relief in my chest and no abnormal heartbeats. I went in for a previously scheduled cardiac stress test, and my heart functioned perfectly. About a year later, I started to see Laurie for regular Reiki sessions. During and after the sessions, I experienced many improvements in my health and sense of well-being. The most remarkable change was in my attitude and happiness. I am much more positive and lighthearted, including spontaneous moments of joy and laughter. Many people have noticed the changes in me and remarked on how much happier I am. The changes were not temporary, as I still experienced them months aftercare. I confidently recommend Laurie, knowing she has helped change my life for the better."  


"Reiki with Laurie has been amazing! She truly is an outstanding Energy Healer. Each session I’m learning something new. After each session I feel a huge sense of calmness. I’ve been able to sort through childhood memories and current events that had a lot of emotional impact on me & while this can stir up some emotions, I'm extremely grateful to sort through them and move past each emotional blockage. Laurie is professional, understanding, and supportive. I look forward to each of my sessions with her!"


"Laurie brings such a safe and calming energy that helps to connect with her. I think that ultimately helps to become more open and accepting of her healing. I look forward to my next appointment with her, and I HIGHLY recommend her!"


"I've been living with chronic pain for a good part of 8yrs. Pain meds have rarely worked, and I hate putting stuff in my body that affects my liver and kidneys. I would get cortisone shots but the effects last 6 weeks at best. If I did anything strenuous, the effects lasted less, and I could only get a shot every 3months. The more shots I got, the more my hips started to deteriorate. A friend of mine recommended Reiki as a natural form of energy healing.


I came across Reiki Rising in mid-October 2022.  It took several sessions, about 6, to live virtually pain-free. I haven't had a cortisone shot in over a year. Now if I do anything strenuous involving the hips that cause pain, my body takes about 2 days to return to a virtually pain-free state.


I can't explain it, but it works. I even had shoulder pain that has all but disappeared.

My mood is better too. Under the guidance of my VA mental health provider, I no longer take meds for PTSD.


I was a skeptic about natural energy healing and Chakras, but now, I believe in this natural holistic hands-on healing. I'm happy that my friend suggested this to me. I highly recommend checking out Laurie from Reiki Rising."


"Laurie is so insightful and has been able to help me move old energy that has been sitting in my body in our Reiki sessions. If you are looking for someone with a compassionate heart and wisdom to share Laurie is your girl."


"Astounding Energy Healer! Laurie is one of the best! She is my "GO TO" person when I need healing of any kind. Be it emotional, personal, or physical, Laurie is always right there ready and willing to help. She has helped me understand so much about myself, and my body it is really incredible. Her knowledge, perspective, and understanding of so many topics is refreshing and wonderful. It is obvious that she has studied and educated herself for many years. Laurie is kind, generous, understanding, non-judgmental, and always goes above and beyond to help in any way she can. She makes you feel totally relaxed, and you always feel better when you leave. That is a huge bonus! Her energy work, and healing is amazing! If you need any kind of energy healing or support go see Laurie. Thank you, Laurie, so very much for all of the help, support, and kindness you have shown me! I appreciate you!"


"Laurie is very talented and can see into your energy system with wonderful accuracy. I was able to understand what drove my behaviors in my past. She can help your system to communicate so you can lead a healthier and more focused life."


"Laurie is amazing! My girlfriend referred me to Laurie. I'm super happy she did. Laurie is a very special person and has a beautiful way of helping me understand things in a more spiritual way. I tend to get stressed and, in my head, about certain things, receiving reiki has helped tremendously. I highly recommend Laurie to everyone!"


 "There are no words to say how highly I recommend Laurie - I have experienced some deep changes and healing and recovery from grief that I can't believe. She keeps my chronic pain in check which is critical for my day-to-day functioning. If you need reiki, please check into her services!"


"Had my first reiki session with Laurie and absolutely loved my experience. She nailed the issues that I have been dealing with! I am visiting from Washington state and am looking forward to booking again when I come back."


"Five stars! Laurie is an awesome reiki master who's excelled at teaching and aiding her clients. If I could give more stars I would for this gal!"


"Being new to Reiki, I wasn't sure what to expect, but she explained everything in detail and what I would experience after a reiki session. I encourage people to be open to working with Laurie for different treatment options."


"I was struggling with self-doubt, insecurities, and honestly, I just felt lost in life. After my third session I started noticing a subtle yet powerful change in my thought patterns, my energy levels and I started to feel a calm sense of peace that I hadn’t felt in over a decade. To say that Laurie is empowering, doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of how amazing this beautiful soul is. In a few short words, she is not only warm, kind, compassionate, understanding, and extremely talented, she has helped me step into my authentic self and has taught me so much about the fascinating world of energy healing. I am so grateful that I met her and highly recommend her services. She is truly one of the sweetest and most intelligent people I have met in my life." 


“I had never had a Reiki treatment before. The whole concept of it was new to me. I must say I was somewhat skeptical. Laurie gave me my first Reiki treatment. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The emotion, release, and well-being I felt were incredible. The whole time I was on her table, I could feel the sun shining on me, not only the light, but the warmth as well. The most extraordinary thing about this is, that it was a rainy, cloudy, day. Laurie was very patient, warm, and professional. She helped me in so many ways both personal, and professional. I highly recommend receiving a session with her.”


"Laurie is positive energy and comfort in her approach to Reiki and Energy Balancing. She is easy to open up to as she radiates love and compassion, guiding you forward in this journey of life."


"Her caring and nurturing energy was what drew me to her and I can say she is a true healer. She helped me overcome an obstacle that had me frozen and unable to let go and move forward. I felt an immediate shift and I felt open and much lighter!" 


"Every session I have had with Laurie has been amazing and profoundly helpful and healing. Not only is Laurie an excellent Reiki practitioner, but she is also extremely intuitive. She told me what she saw, and I immediately realized the issues that I still needed to work on. We did the work together during that session, and I walked out feeling so much better in every way. For the next, session, I went to her after a traumatic event involving a dog attack. I was “frozen” with fear that I was not able to release. Again, she found where the energy was frozen, and together we were able to release the fear during that session. Laurie is also an excellent Reiki teacher. I witnessed this when I volunteered to have Reiki done on me while Laurie supervised and taught her students. Again, an issue that I was not expecting to present itself emerged. This was a health issue that had begun several years earlier. During the session, Laurie was able to teach her students to recognize the stuck energy and how to treat it. It was a very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Laurie for Reiki treatments and/or classes. I trust her completely."


"I booked a session with Laurie and was interested in what she could bring to my life in the way of helping me figure out me & my place in this life. I was impressed by her knowledge and how she could explain what was going on in my body! She has helped me to get through my 2nd cancer diagnosis with a positive attitude and all the ups & downs of life, in general! I have a daughter with special needs and Laurie has truly helped me see the clarity of all that’s involved with her care. She’s just a great person to calm you down and embrace yourself & life!" 


"Laurie is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable." 

Call or Text: 480-750-9331

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